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An LED TV with Internet and app support and mostly all having features from a mobile phone is called a Smart LED TV. All high-end TVs today are smart LED TVs, and this capability is increasingly for its growing popularity. The functions in a smart TV are available in set-top boxes made by Apple, Roku and others. Come and check out Smart LED TV price in Bangladesh from Us!!

Some very common features of LED TVs are they use LED lights instead of fluorescents. LEDs can be lit from back or edges. LED lightings allows for greater contrast and wider color gamut. LED lights are much smaller and longer lasting than fluorescents resulting a better picture and colored color quality as well as a longer lifespan.

LED lights require less energy to operate which leads to LED TVs using up to 30 percent less power to run. LED TVs can save your money on your electric bill; they are much more expensive to produce and therefore carry a much higher price tag than regular LCD TVs. But You have nothing to worry. You can know about the price of smart Tv price in Bangladesh directly from us.


LED TVs are technically LCD TVs because they also have liquid display but instead of using fluorescent lamps, they use light emitting diodes which are much smaller and much more energy efficient. The size of the lights is also important because it allows LEDs to be edgeless which gives manufacturers the ability to create ultra-thin screens like the LG 15L 9500 which is just 1/10 of an inch thick.

A smart TV is more likely to a regular television, so what sets it apart? Remember all the things that you can do every day using your smartphone or laptop, such as accessing streaming services, checking social media feed or surfing the Web. With a smart TV, you’ll be able to do this and more on the big screen, thanks to built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet ports. A smart TV is obviously an LED TV with internet connection and the ability to connect seamlessly to different portable devices.

While it is true that you could watch Netflix on any device, imagine how much better your viewing experience would be on a big screen television. The Panasonic 4K Pro Ultra HD Smart TV’s 55-inch LED screen produces super-crisp, dynamic images with exceptional depth, even when viewed from an angle. Ready to buy a smart TV?  Wanna know about Smart LED TV price in Bangladesh? Check out TV HUT 

As the LEDs are far smaller, they’re able to achieve far more precision and less blooming, so the act of seeing bright areas of the screen unnaturally bleed over into darker spots should be greatly reduced or not evident at all. It’s not the end-all, be-all LED-LCD we were dreaming it would be due to its limited brightness and poor motion handling, but it truly is an exceptional value and one that we’d recommend to nearly everyone.

Let’s try to Understand this with some practical examples. Think about a situation when we want the Television to air what we want to watch at our preferable time. Since the program queue is not decided by us, we can feel somewhat disappointed having no interest in watching what is being aired. One can argue that the present day, with wish wide usage of dish antenna, you can order and schedule the movies you want to watch. Or better, you can catch that very movie online and anytime, at your convenience.

Let’s consider the 1st option – You have a DTH connection and you ordered a movie to be aired at a time suitable to you. You have already paid. But on the very day, some urgency came and you have nothing but to travel out of town. As a result, you miss the show you had planned and paid for. Most people will agree that this does indeed happen. Many other situations can arise that can lead to your best laid plans go awry.

To avail 2nd option, accessing your movie through phone, you need to look at the very small screen of mobile or a little larger screen of your laptop. Research has indicated that spending long hours at a stretch in front of such screens affect eyesight and body posture negatively. Furthermore, such viewing time has less probability of being enjoyed with others.

The advantages of Smart TV include: Access to a large amount of Content, Watch what you want, when you want, Watch what you want, when you want, Universal Mobile Control, Games etc.  Being interested in having one ??  Knock Us and hear about smart LED price in BD.

TV HUT mainly deals with best branded TVs from all over the world. Here is some Samsung Smart LED Tv list are given: Samsung 43” TU7000 Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV, Samsung 43TU8100 43” Crystal UHD 4K, Samsung 55” TU7000 Crystal UHD $K Smart LED TV etc.

Some Xiaomi TV Models: Mi 4A 32″ HD EU Smart LED TV – (Global), Mi 4S 43″ Ultra HD 4K EU Smart LED TV, Mi 4S 65″ 4K HDR EU Smart LED TV, Mi 4X 65″ Ultra HD 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, Mi TV 4S 55″ 4K Ultra HD EU Android TV (L55M5-5ASP) – (Global Version) etc.  We also have Smart LED TVs from Sony, THL, Mango and other companies. To know the smart LED TV price in Bangladesh, You can visit our page and contact us to know more.

Final thought

With the advancement of newer technology, Smart TVs are here to give you the ultimate performance and smooth experience. If you walk into electronics store today, you are likely to come across more Smart TV options than regular TV. With growing demand, the price is likely to drop thereby increasing the usage significantly. TV HUT has always been your trusted website (or shop) to get the best products specially TVs at a larger scale. To purchase or query about Smart LED TV in Bangladesh, message us and have the best product ever possible.

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